Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Pumped

Mary got her new insulin pump yesterday. It's this little pink thing about the size of a cell phone. She even has a pink cell phone case to carry it in. The pump has already made a huge difference. Her blood sugars are much more stable, and giving insulin is so easy! You tell the pump how many carbs Mary ate and what her blood sugar was, and the pump tells you how many units of insulin to give her. Then you tell the machine "Go" and it delivers the insulin to her. She even has a glucose meter/remote control that talks to the pump and tells it what to do. That way Mary doesn't have to take the pump out of the case. It looks like this:

Actually, all you can see is the pump in the case, some of the tubing, and a very happy Mary. I have other pictures, but you'll have to come to the house to see them because Mary doesn't want them posted. They're "too embarrassing".

Speaking of the house, here are some updated pictures. They were taken at night so you can see the lights that Carl installed. This is as far as the contractor has gotten, but we're very pleased with what's been done. Some people think Mike is slow - I say he takes his time and does the job right, and he's worth the wait. Anyway, the pictures:
This last picture is of the door Mike installed for us, with the porch lights shining through it. Mike and Carl worked on this together because Carl did the electrical and he had to move wiring out of the way in order for Mike to widen the hole to put the new door in. Sunday night we're going shopping for Christmas lights and stuff to decorate the porch with. We have a special certificate to Theisen's, so we're going.
Meanwhile, it's 11:45 AM here, and I'm getting hungry. I bought a big bag of kettle korn at the Atkins craft show, and the scent of it is filling the house.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busier Than You Think

You probably think, given my last blog, that I have lots and lots of time on my hands. Not so, my friend. We've been very busy...

1) Hannah is in band - up to her eyeballs. She was in marching band and had 7AM rehearsals at least three days a week. The marching band season ended October18th, but jazz band started right after that, so Hannah still has 7AM practices three days a week (but at least now they're indoors). Along with marching, jazz, concert and honor bands, Hannah was in the pit band for the high school's musical Damn Yankees. The final performance for that was last night, so that's over, and honor band is sometime next week, so things will slow down for her a little after Thanksgiving. But since she's so involved in band, I custom painted her trombone case. She loved it, and a couple of the upperclassmen told her they liked it, too. It looks like this:

2) Halloween was a fun night. We put a light out on the scarecrows and they garnered a few laughs. And not only did our girls dress up, we also dressed up our dog, Judah:

3) The contractor we hired finally started on our porch. Since we took these pictures, Mike and his assistant have put on the rails, balusters and edge soffit. Carl installed the outlet boxes and recessed lights. That's a story - one of the lighting vendors came into the office one afternoon, and my co-worker Ryan suggested I show him the drawings of my porch and get his advice on what kind of lights to get. Not only did he give me advice, he gave me the lights! Ten recessed can lights, gratis. They were leftover surplus inventory, but I'm not one to look a gift light in the socket. I had to buy the baffles (the liner-thingy inside the can) but they were less than $50 total, so all things considered I really got a great deal. If you can imagine the rails and balusters in place, the porch looks like this:

4) Last night was our church youth group's Spaghetti Dinner/Dessert Auction/Talent Show fundraiser. I made a chocolate eclair cake with mint filling (which turned out really good - thanks, Sis!) and I also performed a comedy routine. It was called "Storytime with Granny". It started with four girls (Mary was one of them) running up to me on stage, begging me (Granny) to tell them a "kissy-smoochy princess" story. I obliged (obviously) and told them the tale of Rindercella. This routine was originally done on the old TV variety show Hee Haw by Archie Campbell, who played the barber. It went really well. Carl taped it, and I had people coming up to me, telling me they were amazed at how I was able to tell the story and not get mixed up, and also how funny it was. If you don't know the routine I'm talking about, the first paragraph goes like this:
"Once upon a time in a coreign fountry there lived a geautiful birl named Rindercella. Rindercella lived with her mugly other and two sad bisters. Also in this same coriegn fountry lived a very prandsome hince."
I'm glad I made people laugh. Lately it seems like everyone is so uptight and serious about everything that they don't know how to lighten up. I think I was able to help them with that.
5) When Mary turned 11, the doctor told her she could have an insulin pump to replace her daily multiple injections. We ordered the pump, and it finally showed up last week. This week and next she, Carl and I have a series of classes to go to so we can learn how to correctly use the pump, which by the way is pink. Last night Mary won a pink vinyl cell phone case which is the perfect size to hold her pump, so she's pretty happy. We're looking forward to these classes, and hopefully everything goes well so that we can use the pump when we go to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. I hope the weather is decent for this trip, because I'm looking forward to going shopping in downtown Chamberlain the day after Thanksgiving. Chamberlain is a small town, and going into their shopping district is like going back in time about 40 years. I remember going shopping in downtown Davenport with my grandmother at Christmastime, and I'm hoping to have a similar experience to the one I had as a child. Most people will be going to the malls in Mitchell or Sioux Falls, so I don't think there will be much of a crowd. Plus, in the evening, the city holds a chili supper, and we're looking forward to that, too. And of course we get to spend time with Carl's family, something we don't get to do near enough.
Busy, busier, busiest. But hey, we haven't gone insane yet (not totally anyway) and we have alot to look forward to and alot to be thankful for. And...the storal of the mory is this. If you go to a bancy fall and want to have a prandsome hince loll in fove with you, don't forget to slop your dripper!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Creedence

So today, while I was working in the kitchen and Hannah was at the table doing her homework, the subject of music came up. I think it started with me mentioning that we'll probably be listening to Christmas music on our way home from South Dakota after Thanksgiving. I found out that Hannah still remembers the lyrics to my parody of "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" from last year (12-07-2007) and then I said something to the effect of, "Don't you wish there was a Creedence Clearwater Revival Christmas album?" Well, that started the wheels in my fertile little mind spinning (it's your conjecture as to what kind of fertilizer is in my little mind, exactly) and this is the result:

Santa Is A Travelin' Man (to the tune of Travelin' Band)

Santa and his reindeer coming out of the sky
They're delivering his presents on his midnight ride

He's on the move, Santa is a travelin' man, oh yeah
Well he's flying 'cross the land, please give him a hand
Santa is a travelin' man

Landed by a chimney, swell
Bag is stuck, oh well
Come on, come on, down into the living room


Listen to the radio, they're predicting more snow
Children get excited as they watch The Weather Channel


Here he comes again on a Christmas Eve night
If you're fussin' and a-fightin' you won't get to see the sight


Santa is a travelin' man, Santa is a travelin' man,
Won't you give St. Nick a hand, because Santa is a travelin' man
Yeah he's flying 'cross the land, please give him a hand
Santa is a travelin' man

Hannah loved it. I jotted it down quick on a notepad then wrote it out tonight on this here blog. Normally I don't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but now I can't get this song out of my head. Serves me and my fertile little mind right, I suppose.