Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Spare Moment

I have a little time before I have to leave for class today, so let me catch y'all up on the latest news:

First and Foremost - Mary was at Camp Hertko Hollow (a week long camp for kids with diabetes) last week, and while she was there she learned how to do her own insulin shots! This is a big step forward for her, and a huge Praise The Lord for us. I've been told that she had a good time, and that she'll miss her new friends, but I haven't seen her since we took her to camp on the 24th. Carl and Hannah picked her up on the 30th, and they went straight from Boone, IA (where the camp is located) to South Dakota to visit Carl's side of the family. I wanted to go, but the second half of the summer semester starts today and I can't miss any computer labs. It's practically impossible to catch up.

I'm very proud of Mary. Not only did she learn to give herself shots, but she also managed to stay showered and non-sunburned, and she didn't lose anything from the clothes and supplies I sent (except maybe some towels, but that's no big deal). How she did that without Mommy nagging her is beyond me. I guess the counselors really keep the kids on their toes.

Second - as has been previously mentioned, Carl and the girls are in South Dakota visiting the Bode relatives. That means I have the house to myself, and I also have Carl's pickup since it only made sense for him to take my SUV (you know, roomier, has a CD player, etc). Thus I have half the garage available in which to spread out work projects, and last night I got my china cabinet stained. Before Carl left on vacation (bless his fuzzy little heart) he milled out the piece I needed to complete the cabinet, and when we did a trial re-assembly it all fit together. Whew! Anyway. So now the wood is stained a Walnut color, and as soon as it dries I'll sand it lightly and apply finishes. Probably sanding sealer, then polyurethane, but I haven't decided for sure yet if I want to put on sanding sealer. I need to re-read the instructions on the cans. It's been a while.

I suppose that, in a way, it's nice to have the house to myself. I can work on projects without interruption, and I don't have to listen to the girls quarrel, but on the other hand I really, really, really miss my family, even the girls' quarreling. And, as has been mentioned before in this blog (somewhere) whenever Carl is gone I get terrible insomnia. This week is no exception. I actually slept pretty good last night, but that's only because Sunday night I kept waking up every hour on the hour, and what little sleep I did get wasn't very helpful. I also worked for nine hours yesterday (which gave me a headache) and that helped make me weary enough to sleep well. We'll see how tonight goes.

Well, I need to leave for class. I have to stop on the way there and get cat food. (I don't think Mary would be very happy if I let the rotten little vermin starve.) So I'd better leave now in order to have enough time to run errands before class.


Did I mention that I really, really, really, REALLY miss my family?