Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blatherskite on a Thursday Night

We've been a busy bunch since we returned from vacation. Mary's had a couple of medical checkups, and last Sunday she was baptized! This was a real family event: my brother, sister-in-law and grand-nephew, my mom, and my aunt and uncle were all in attendance. My brother (my older-older brother, Bob) sister-in-law Angie and grandnephew Luke (who is four, and shares his birth-date with Mary) brought my mom with them for the weekend. Mom stayed with us, but Bob, Angie and Luke stayed one night at the Amana Holiday Inn which features "Der Wasserbahn", a small indoor waterpark. Friday afternoon they let Hannah and Mary join them at the park, and then we all met up again for supper. After we ate we went to see Riders In The Sky perform - what a great show! Their shtick is so funny, and the music is top rate. Saturday Bob and Company came up here, and we got the firepit out after supper and made s'mores. Bob, who is a preacher (the world's greatest, and I'm not just saying that because he's my brother, honest!) gave the sermon to our congregation Sunday morning, and afterwards Mary was immersed. It was a busy, but wonderful weekend.

Hannah's also been extremely busy. For the past two weeks she's been going to College for Kids Fine Arts (C4K-FA) classes, taking Sumi-e (Chinese ink painting) Calligraphy, and Watercolor. Her teachers love her, especially her Sumi-e teacher, who thinks Hannah has natural artistic talent. (This is something her father and I have known for years!) She gushed praise all over Hannah when I met with her, and I assured her that we will definitely continue to encourage Hannah's painting and drawing. Classes finish up tomorrow.

In the meantime, until mid-August we are cat-sitting for my mom again. We (actually, Carl) figured that since she was coming here anyway, she might as well save the extra trip and bring him up now. Mom's going on vacation for a week the second week of August, so Aya is here. This is causing a problem for Moose Mutt who, we have discovered, is a coward when it comes to cats. Earlier this week I let the dog in because a big thunderstorm was coming, and I let him go down into the basement where the cat was. The dog didn't care about the cat - all he was interested in was sniffing around, trying to find a snack. And he did - he found some cat food that the girls had spilled in front of the workbench, and of course he slurped it right up. This ticked off the cat (who is apparently very territorial) and as the dog was slurping away, the cat came up behind him, spat at him and gave him a swat right in the butt. This caused Moose Mutt to retreat to the far end of the basement, and when I tried to get the dog to come to me so I could take him upstairs, he wouldn't come because Aya was under the stairs and he'd have to pass the cat to get to me. So I went around to the other side and called the dog, and as he came toward me the cat lunged at the dog, and clawed him. The dog yelped and ran, and Aya chased him into my studio. Aya had the dog trapped under my worktable, pinned against the wall and hemmed in by a stack of canvases. I needed a broom and a garbage can to gently extract the cat, and once he was gone the dog high-tailed it upstairs and, since the rain had stopped, outside. This is especially funny when you consider that the cat weighs 15 pounds and the dog weighs 105. Another David whips Goliath story, I guess.

So I have the rest of my summer pretty much booked. Cat-sitting until mid-August; Watermelon Days next weekend (y'all come!); church block party the weekend after that; and then school starts for all of us girls. For some reason, I'm apprehensively anticipating the start of the school year. Maybe it's because I'll be the student this time.

Oh, boy.


Anonymous neophyte said...

I wanted you to know that I love to read your updates. Congratulations to Mary on being baptized!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Peri said...

Poor Moose Mutt!
*snicker* That's too funny.
So I guess you recognize this.
(I would link directly to the pic, but I can't find it anymore. This was not a plug.)

9:24 AM  

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