Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quickie Observations Before Drafting Class

1) There isn't a pot scrubber as abrasive, yet as gentle, as a dog's tongue.

2) Two weeks ago, I was looking for hints of gold in the green corn. Now I'm looking for hints of green in the gold corn. Harvest is nearly here.

3) Last year at this time, I couldn't button my denim jacket around my hips. This year, I can, even when I'm wearing a thick hooded sweatshirt. I'm down to 225.6 pounds.

4) Even after 25 years, algebra still gives me a headache.

5) There is no #5.

6) The later a third grader is for the bus, the slower she moves. At least, that's true in my house.

7) I will be 43 on Sunday, September 24. I plan to spend my weekend helping my Mom in her garage, and also helping my aunt move stuff. However, I think Mom and Aunt Jane are taking me and my cousing Laura out for brunch. (It's Laura's birthday, too.) However, I still feel like 43 is old. Eek.

8) Speaking of my birthday, Carl is giving me the same gift this year that he gave me last year. He's painting inside the house. Last year it was the foyer. This year it's the dining room, first floor bathroom, the living room and hopefully the game room, too. And he only works inside when he can't work outside on reshingling the roof. This is what you call a working vacation.

9) Carl's employer is having a sweatshirt design contest. They want a shirt that depicts all of the projects they're doing for a certain vendor. I have an idea, and Carl's approved the rough sketch. I'll tell you if I win.

10) I need to leave for Drafting class now.



Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Aunt N!

Trust me, 43 is NOT old, no matter what you think now.

Wait for 57.

8:59 AM  

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