Monday, September 11, 2006

The Measure of a Man

Today in Construction Lab class, I learned how to run a circular saw. This is something I've wanted to learn for ages, but never had the time. Usually when The Men were working on a project, I was in the house minding the kids and making sure The Men got fed. I'm not complaining, mind you. I did my part and they did theirs, and I was always pleased with the end result, because I usually got a new bathroom or deck or something out of it.

But today, the roles got reversed. Mary (poor baby) has a cold, and she was coughing so hard she (and we) thought she was going to throw up, so she stayed home from school. I couldn't afford to miss Lab because our class is behind the others due to Labor Day, so Carl stayed home with Mary while I went to school. (He went in to work when I got home.) And because he was home, I asked him to do some laundry for me. I gave him detailed instructions on how to do it, and by golly, he did it and did a darn good job, too. But it was strange, me running the power saw and him home, watching Boo and doing laundry.

Now, some guys couldn't handle that. They could maybe stay home with the kid, but laundry? No way! They'd probably spend all their time on the computer or watching TV, but there is no way they'd do laundry. However, Carl is different. He's the kind of guy who can do laundry on Monday, fix a door lock at church on Tuesday, and then spend the weekend reshingling the garage. He's not afraid to tackle the challenge of laundry, because that's the kind of man he is. A real man. A manly man. And that's why I don't mind making him apple pies. He deserves it.

Thanks, honey. You stud, you!


Blogger Peri said...

Great! was the saw, dude?!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Aunt Nancy said...

Peri - the saw was spectacular! And fun! I used a Milwaukee saw (don't know horsepower or rpm's or anything) and the two young men I was working with really helped me learn (in a hurry) the ins-and-outs of handling a circular saw. My instructor was great, too, and didn't pressure me to hurry. I LOVE CONSTRUCTION LAB CLASS!!!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Very cool, Aunt N.

But I did the laundry yesterday too. Can I at least get a piece of that apple pie?


7:14 AM  

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