Saturday, September 09, 2006

Curly Blatherskite

I got a perm this morning, so now my hair is curly on top. It's still short and straight on the sides, but the top of my head is doing the Shirley Temple Boogie. It looks nice.


Meanwhile, I'm nursing a strained ligament in my right ankle. I injured it walking on the treadmill at the rec center. My doctor gave me Celebrex to take (one a day) and told me to stay off the treadmill for a few days. She also told me to get a good pair of walking shoes. So I did, and I plan to try them out on Tuesday for 15 minutes. The doc wants me to ease back into exercize. Having an injured ankle is rather disappointing: I don't know if I'll lose the ten pounds I want to lose by my birthday. I hope I do. I've lost about eight pounds so far.

I seem to be doing well at school. I've gotten "A's" on everything I've done so far, and that's relaxed me quite a bit, so I'm starting to pay more attention to the other students around me. And the main thing I've noticed? These kids seem to completely lack a sense of humor. My instructors crack jokes, and I giggle (usually) but the kids just stare back with that "deer in the headlights" look. I think a Dave Barry-esque course on humor should be taught as part of the curriculum for Construction Management and Architectural Technology students. They could call it "Lighten Up 101" or something.

The girls are also doing well at school. Hannah's grades are holding in the A - B range, and the papers Mary brings home have good marks on them. Mary's very busy this fall - she's in soccer again, and she would have been in Future Stars basketball, too, but basketball practice and soccer practice are held at the same time on Tuesday, so we went with soccer since we'd already paid the entrance fee. We'd also paid dues into Girl Scouts, so Mary's doing that, too. Plus next Saturday she has "Cheerleader Clinic". That happens once a year - the little girls who go to Clinic learn a routine from the high school cheerleaders, and then they perform their routine at a home football game. It's really quite cute, and the girls have a good time, plus they get a t-shirt out of the deal. Hannah's in band, and she'll be marching in the Homecoming parade with the rest of the middle school band members. That should be good. I hope the weather is nice, because I plan to dash out of BSC class and go straight to the parade so I can videotape her. Since she plays trombone, she should be right up front.

And speaking of Homecoming and football, the Regular Season of NFL football shifts into high gear tomorrow, so I'll be watching games closely to see how our Fantasy Football team does. Carl and I teamed up this year. Hopefully we'll do as well together as he did alone last year.

Go Nuclear Coyote!


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