Friday, August 25, 2006

Between Classes

Yep! That's where I am. I had Microcomputer Applications this morning, and it's supposed to last until noon, but because it's the first meeting it was incredibly short. Basically the instructor went through the syllabus, told us what he expects, and told us what equipment we need, then he let us go. Right now I'm in Benton Hall, across from Student Services, where I went to hand in my "Learning Accomodations Form" which was signed by all my instructors. That means that if I need extra time to finish a test, or if the classroom environment is unsuitable for me to take tests, I can take tests in the Testing Room in Linn Hall, and I get unlimited time to finish said test. I get this accomodation because I have a method processing disability. That, and I think the counseling staff takes pity on me because I'm at least 25 years older than most of the people (read "kids") here.

Speaking of the younger generation, I've found them to be extremely polite here. Especially the guys - I've had more doors held open for me this week than I've had held for me all of last year. Maybe they think I'm feeble, or maybe it's because I remind them of their Mom, or maybe they were just raised right, but whatever the reason I always smile and say "Thank You!". Many of them are quite cute: makes me wish I was 25 years younger myself!

And on the topic of being "younger" - last week I started counting carb grams along with counting fat grams (something I've been doing for quite some time) and I've already lost about 5 pounds. Along with that, I've been going to the rec center here on campus (it's free!) and walking the treadmill after classes (when I remember my gym shoes) so I hope to lose at least 10 pounds by the time my birthday rolls around. Wish me luck! And don't worry - I consulted with "Blueprints for Health", an advising service provided by my insurance company before I started, so I know that I'm counting the correct number of grams.

As far as classes go (we started Tuesday) so far I've had 2 math classes, 2 plans and specs (APS) classes, a drafting class, the microcomputer class, and a building systems (BCS) class. I have another BCS class at 1 PM. The only class I haven't had yet is Monday's Contruction Practices Lab. I'm hoping that's more fun than Drafting. I wanted to learn good ol' fashion drafting, and thus use Daddy's tools from when he drew plans, but this is a sketch only class. We'll learn real, modern drafting next semester in AutoCAD class. But I hope we get to use tools in the Construction Lab. That would be great!!

Pass me that hammer, will ya? There's a screw a-stickin' out here!

Just kidding.


Blogger Kafaleni said...

Hey, AN! You sound busy! Stay safe, and come play again soon!

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Very impressive, AN. And good luck with the classes and the eating plan.

You should be very proud of yourself.

7:33 AM  

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