Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's In The Jeans

Sometime during the middle of the past week, Hannah handed me a pair of her jeans and said, "These are too small for me." So I said, "Well, Saturday after your babysitting class, I'll take you shopping." I had a feeling she'd need new jeans soon. She was still wearing girls size 16 jeans, and she'd grown quite a bit since I'd last bought her any pants. I took her to Kohl's (since we were on the north side of Cedar Rapids) and I bought her five pair - Junior size 7 tall. I was shocked that she'd wear such a large size, but then I held her old jeans up to a pair of her new jeans, and the waistband on the new jeans was only slightly bigger than the old. Go figure.

I, on the other hand, am having the opposite problem: my jeans keep getting too big. It was just a couple weeks ago that I bought new Misses size 18 jeans, and already they're so baggy that I can pull them off without unbuttoning them. Therefore, today (at Theisen's) I bought myself three new pairs of jeans - size 16 tall. I was so thrilled! I was dancing around in the dressing room, and Hannah was rolling her eyes up with that "My mom is a dork!" look on her face. But I was in heaven. I haven't worn size 16 pants since before Mary was born, and that was over nine years ago. Of course, once we got back out to the truck, the first thing I did was call my Mom and tell her. And then when we got home I went upstairs and put on a pair of the new jeans and showed them to Carl. His reaction was, well, something I can't print on a family blog. I think you understand. ;-)

So I'm in a pretty happy mood right now. I don't know how long it will take me to "outgrow" these jeans, or even if I can, since my hips are stretched out from childbearing.

But I'm sure gonna try!!


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Blogger rita said...

Woohoo for you!!! I think I've gone past size 16, but I'm heading up.....

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