Sunday, December 31, 2006

Population Explosion

Our family had a very nice time over Christmas. We took the girls for a weekend to Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark (indoor waterpark) in Dubuque, Iowa. I highly recommend this place, especially if you have kids. It's very kid-friendly. The girls also got some stocking stuffers and some money on Christmas Day, plus they got money from their grandmothers. With this windfall, both girls immediately started asking about how they could spend it. (Money just burns a hole in kids' pockets, doesn't it?) Lou spent some of hers buying "spy toys". She already had some, so I guess she's kind of collecting them. She does play with them, and she enjoys them, so it wasn't a waste of money.

Boo, however, has been begging Carl and I for a cat for almost a year, so her first question (obviously) was "Can I buy a cat?" We'd anticipated this, so we told her that, if she was willing to spend her money on the start-up supplies she could get a cat. I looked up the Humane Society website, checked out their selection of felines, then called them to ask which ones they recommended for a household with two kids and a very large dog. They recommended four, mainly because they'd been declawed. Two of the four happened to be sisters who'd spent their whole lives together, and when I went to tell this to Carl (he was out in the garage) he said, "You know, if we get two cats, they could keep each other company and be less of a nuisance than if we just get one." I thought maybe he'd been breathing in too many garage fumes, so I asked him if this is what he really wanted to do. He said "Yes" so I told him that if he wanted two cats, fine, but it would be Carl and Boo sharing the caretaking responsibilities. (Lou and I will share the dog.) Long story short, we ended up adopting the sisters, Maya and Skeeter. They're seven months old, and just about the tiniest, skinniest, furriest cats I've ever seen. Maya's a grey-brown tiger, and the leader of the pair. She's more outgoing and adventurous, and doesn't like to sit in once place very long (kind of like Boo). Skeeter is black and very laid back. She'll sit on your lap for hours if you let her. You can tell they're sisters because if one starts yowling about something, the other immediately goes to the yowler's rescue.

Moose Mutt hasn't really reacted much to the cats' presence yet. I let him in this afternoon, and he mostly hung around me while I was working in the dining room. (I finally have a real dining room after 19 1/2 years of marriage, but that's another blog.) Anyway, when I let him in Maya growled a little, but Skeeter just sat on Carl's lap, watching the dog but doing nothing. After a while the cats figured out that the dog wasn't going to charge them, and they've been within 12 inches of him (mostly from behind) checking him out. Hopefully soon I'll be able to let the dog in and not worry about whether or not he'll try to eat the kitties. I'd like them to get along since they'll be members of the family for a looooooong time.

And by the way - for Christmas Carl got me a Garmin GPS for my truck. Way cool!


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