Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Party's Over

I took my last final today, in Math. It wasn't bad - about as hard as I expected. There were a couple of problems where I didn't quite understand the English, so Barry had to interpret them for me. Once I understood what he was asking for, I was able to solve the problem. (I think.)

So after my final I took my books to the buyback counter. My expectations weren't high: anyone who's ever been to college knows you get pennies on the dollar for what you paid. But they wouldn't buy back two of my books (Math and Microcomputer Applications) because they were too old. I figured they probably wouldn't take the math book because half the class had the old version and the other half had the new version (which came in three weeks after school started). But I was a little upset that they wouldn't take the Micros book. Oh, well. And for all my trouble, I got a whopping $40 for my BCS and APS books. Yip yip yahoo.

Well, onward and upward. It's a relatively warm day (50 degrees) so I gave Moose Mutt a bath. He has to go to the vet tomorrow afternoon, so I wanted him to be as clean as possible. The front of my pants below the knees are soaked, and so are my boots. I laid out some old blankets for His Mooseness to lay on while he dries out, and of course I gave him a couple dog biscuits. Later this afternoon I hope to work up enough ambition to bake cookies. Carl's been begging me for a couple special treats that I bake only at Christmastime, and I have all the necessary ingredients, but none of the necessary determination.

I probably won't know my grades until next week, after all the finals are over. The KCC website gives you access to your report cards, and I'm eager to see if I finally managed to obtain the ever elusive 4.0. With my luck, I'll probably get a 3.997 or something. My next semester starts January 8. Hopefully between now and then I'll get at least half of my to-do list completed.

Do you think maybe I should start with the cookies?


Anonymous neophyte said...

I think cookies are an excellent place to start. I volunteer my services as a cookie tester!

Congrats on finishing the semester. It feels good, doesn't it?

10:15 PM  

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