Saturday, April 01, 2006

With Apologies To Carl

In honor of today being April Fool's Day, I shall now recount the best prank I ever pulled. It wasn't an April Fool's joke, I think - it was so long ago now I can't remember the exact date - but it was hysterical at the time.

The time being sometime back between March of 1988 and May of 1992. Those were the years we lived in our first "house", a very nice mobile home on the south side of Cedar Rapids. Around the Christmastime prior to The Prank, Carl's employer was laying off a bunch of people in their Government Division. Carl worked in the General Avionics Division, but all of our friends were very much concerned. People kept asking Carl, "Are you getting your pink slip?" and he'd reply, "No, I'm not Government, I'm Gen Av." I, however, couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. I was working in Iowa County then, and there's a Tanger Inc. outlet mall there, so one day after work I stopped in the lingerie store and bought a pink slip. (I made sure it fit.) I pinned the slip to a piece of cardboard, put it in a manila envelope, and sneaked it to a good friend who was also friends with Carl's office mates. Our friend got the slip to the office mates, who produced a bogus termination letter, and left the entire package on Carl's desk. His office mates were laughing so hard when he opened it that a secretary stuck her head in the door to see what was going on just as Carl was holding up the slip against himself!! I guess that got his office mates rolling on the floor, they were laughing so hard.

Meanwhile, back at home, I'm making dinner and waiting for Carl. He comes home with this incredible hang-dog look on his face and he says, "Honey, there's something I have to tell you." So I sit down, and as he untangles his story and is trying to tell me why he has lingerie in his office desk I tell him, "I already know all about this. I'm the one who bought the slip!" I wish you could have seen the look of shock on his face. It was hysterical! I said, "You were telling everyone at Christmas you weren't getting your pink slip. I just couldn't let that pass. You should never throw down the gauntlet like that at me!" He, actually, was relieved that I was in on the prank because he was trying to come up with a way to explain to me why he was going to bring home lingerie from work, lingerie that he thought I knew nothing about. In hindsight, I could've milked the prank more, pretending to be angry that he had lingerie and demanding to know "who the other woman is". But that would've been too mean. Poor guy. I did make it up to him, though, when he brought the slip home. I mean, why do you think I went to the trouble to make sure it fit?

But you don't get those details! ;-)


Blogger Kafaleni said...


Nice, one!

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Anonymous Zoodle said...


Good one. Poor Carl!

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