Friday, March 17, 2006


Those of you who are following the NCAA Tournament know what I'm screaming about. Iowa, 3rd seeded in their bracket, LOST to 14 seeded Northwestern State by one freakin' lousy point. I was stunned. I was screaming. I was incensed!! Stupid murzen-furzen-bricken-bracken Hawkeyes anyway. It's just like the year Iowa State (a 2 seed) lost to Hampton in the first round. I'm still angry, and the games' been over for two hours. Stupid Hawkeyes. This is what I, an Iowa State grad, get for trying to root for my school's arch rival. See if I ever try and back you again, you idiots.

One point. One stinking lousy point.

Time to get out my Illini sweatshirt!


Anonymous Bismuth said...

I feel your pain.

At least I have Wichita State to root for though...

11:31 PM  

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