Friday, February 22, 2008

No Surprises, But Some Relief

Wednesday was snow day number 11 for the girls. At this rate, they'll be in school until July. I have lots of work to do to get all my hours in at ESCO, but I have one lines to do, so I can get what I need.

Today we finally got some weather relief. The temperature rose to around 20 degrees, which may not sound that great except for the fact that temperatures had been in the single digits for most of the week. Lots of melting went on (or should I say off?) the roads, and when I went down to Cargill today for a meeting Mount Vernon Road and East Post Road were passable in two wheel drive. I still needed four wheel drive to navigate around the plant, but the rest was pretty decent. Even W-28 had only patchy areas of ice left. That will hopefully disappear in the next two days, as temperatures are expected to rise to around 32 degrees. It's a veritable heat wave!

However, it won't last. Another storm system is supposed to come in Monday night, with a chance of rain and snow. Hopefully, more rain than anything, but with my luck both Benton Community and Kirkwood will call off classes. Again.

This is getting monotonous!


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