Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blatherskite on an Evening Walk

I love to go walking at sunset. I try to leave 30 minutes before the sun sets and stay out for an hour at least. Of course Judah goes with me - this may be small town Iowa but I don't trust everybody. Besides, he'd cry if I left him home.

Anyway. Tonight we went out on the rail trails, where spring is really starting to make an appearance. There's a little green on every tree, and the underbrush is starting to grow. It's not so tall yet that Judah can't go crashing through it, but most of the weeds are about 6 inches high. Once they reach three feet in height and fill in all the gaps, Judah's hunting forays will be severely limited. But for now he's got space to romp.

It was a perfect night to be out. It was about 60 degrees with a light south wind, and no one was on the trails but us. On the way home we walked through town, and I stopped at DJ's (the new name of our local convenience store) and bought a couple of Pepsi's. Walking from the trails to the store and home I watched the sky get dark and the stars come out. That's neat - looking up every few minutes or so and seeing which new stars have shown up. Slowly but surely the sky fills with stars, although the lesser stars are hard to see within city limits. You have to get out in the country, away from the light pollution, to see each and every star.

That's what I told Carl when I got home and dragged him outside to share in the experience with me. Poor guy, all he had on was shorts and a t-shirt (I had on jeans and a jacket) and he started freezing almost immediately. But I had to tell him about how wonderful it was when I was walking and smelled the commingled scents of a wood burning fireplace and freshly cut grass. It smelled like a campground, and now I really want to spend a weekend at Lake McBride. It's time for s'mores.

Pass the marshmallows!


Anonymous Bismuth said...

a wood burning fireplace and freshly cut grass

mmmmmmmmmm.... that doesn sound like a perfect night!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Bismuth said...

errrrrr.... does.

6:52 PM  

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