Monday, December 12, 2005

One Down, One To Go

Another town and one more show.

YES! That's right, folks! Carl has officially graduated from the University of Iowa with his MBA. Now it's on to Ames this Friday, where Carl will get his Masters in Systems Engineering degree. He's turned in his last paper, and the speaker they were supposed to have Friday morning already came and spoke, so he's done with classes. He's started into his "honey-do" list: he changed the oil in my tractor. So we're back to where we were August 1st of 2003, only with more sheepskins on the wall.

Graduation at Iowa was a blast. It wasn't the big "walk-across-the-stage-get-your-diploma" thing: that's Friday night in Ames. The U of Iowa graduation was a business-formal dinner held for the graduates and their spouses. It started with a social hour, where I got to meet and talk with several of the other wives (Greg Barnett's wife is a hoot!) then they served the meal. It was pretty good: salad, beef, some kind of fish, vegetables, roasted potatoes, and dark chocolate cake. The cake was (obviously) the best part, I think. Anyway. After the dinner there were speeches, followed by a slide presentation of "guess who this is" - childhood photos of the graduates, and you were supposed to guess who they were. Of course I submitted a picture of Carl, and he groaned at it so loud that everyone knew immediately that it was him.

After the dinner we all changed into casual clothes and went out to party. We went to a place called The Summit where apparently the graduates had gone during orientation week when they first started the program. I wasn't impressed with the place. I'd forgotten how bad bars smell (and how bad they make your clothes smell) and they played nothing but rap music. Ick. But the socializing was fun, and Carl and I had a good, relaxing time together. As far as how hard we partied, well, I think I'll plead the fifth. Amendment, that is.

I only wish the rest of the weekend had been as fun. Saturday morning I was taking the girls to church for various youth-related functions, and when I slowed down in an accident zone (lights flashing, cops everywhere, fire trucks, ambulance, etc) some moron in a Geo Metro rear-ended my precious SUV. He hit me right in the hitch receiver, and he put a big hole in the black plastic bumper of his car. Candy didn't appear to be damaged at all (SUV = 1, Compact POS = 0) but Carl's taking it to a body shop for a checkover just in case. The guy who hit me was a real jackass: his last name is Howard (as in Moe and Curly Howard) and he was apparently driving his brother's car, and his "poor brother is dying of cancer". Yeah, neither me nor the officer who helped me bought that story. The guy's information on his envelope was suspicious, so the cop got the correct information from his dispatcher. I wish I knew the name of the officer who helped me: he was great. At the end of our business, Howard was all flustered and trying to apologize and I said, "Don't worry about me. I'm going to let my husband handle this. You worry about him." If he only knew Carl, and what Carl's gonna do to him if there's even five bucks worth of damage to Candy....heh heh heh.

But anyway. It was a nice weekend for the most part, capped off by wins for both Carl and me in fantasy football. We've won our games even before the Monday night game plays. And I have to mention that this weekend's graduation festivities wouldn't have included us if it hadn't been for my Mom, who braved the weather and Geo Metro driving idiots to come up and stay with the girls Saturday night and Sunday morning. I really appreciate her helping us out.

Thanks, Mom!!


Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Congratulations to Carl & glad no one was hurt (or the SUV either). There are a LOT of really bad drivers out there. You should have asked Shemp what he thought the lights & sirens were for. He probably didn't see them.

6:18 PM  

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