Thursday, December 01, 2005

Snow News Is Good News

We got three inches of snow last night. Whoopee!! Carl slept in ( I'll get to that later) and the girls had a two-hour school delay, so the stage was set for some fun.

No, really! The first thing Carl and I did after getting up and getting dressed was to go out to the garage and put the tire chains on the tractor. Then I togged up in my snow gear, climbed aboard the tractor, started it up, and pointed its nose toward the snow covered driveway. I hit the electric PTO switch and...

...a plume of fine white snow burst from the chute of the snowthrower. The wind promptly blew it back in my face, but hey! the snow thrower on the tractor works, and I got the driveway plowed in no time flat. Carl and I both agreed that three inches was a good first test for the tractor-thrower combo. The thrower really works great. It'll pitch a rock 10 yards, so you have to watch which direction the chute is turned. (However, I definitely need to invest in some snowmobiling goggles.) After I cleaned the driveway I took the shovel and cleared the sidewalk. I did it because Carl has a cold and I didn't want him to be outside too much. That's why he slept in. He's been gone late every night this week working with his study group on their final presentation (given tomorrow afternoon) and with his cold he figured he could go to work late once. I'm glad he did that. He needed the rest, poor baby.

Of course, it didn't help matters any that, as soon as I started plowing, Judah ran off to heaven knows where and Carl was out tromping around in the snow in his tennis shoes. But Carl went back inside to warm up, and Judah showed up a few minutes later. He knows where his food is!

So after plowing, Mary wanted to go outside and play. Hannah was working on a paint-by-numbers, but Carl made her go outside and "enjoy the nice weather" with her sister. Shortly after that, Carl and I decided that it would be a good idea to try towing the girls on their sleds, pulling them with the tractor, so Carl togged up in his snow gear (and burst a zipper) and they all went on a "redneck sleigh ride". (Carl towed the girls because I was a little nervous about accidents. But I made sure he was dressed warmly.) Anyway. I got it on videotape. They had a blast. When they came back in, they all had hot chocolate, then it was time for Hannah to go to her bus stop and off to school. Half an hour later it was Mary's turn, and now I'm here, happy and content, blogging the morning's events. I wish every snowfall would turn out this nice.

Maybe I should put sleighbells on the tractor.



Blogger Kafaleni said...

If you're going to do it, over do it. Definite yes on the sleighbells, AN..

Kaf/Lt W

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Loved the "redneck sleigh ride" and I'm with Kaf on the bells. Go for it.

8:48 AM  

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