Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How to help

I love to visit Dave Barry's blog. It's a great place to go for a humorous escape from the sometimes horrible realities of life. However, today, one of the blog entries challenges readers to donate money to Hurricane Katrina relief funds, mainly the Red Cross. The "blogits" (people who leave comments) are also listing places where money and donations can go. There's places where you can donate living space to refugees, places to donate money for homeless animals, you name it, they have it. To see this list, go to

All the major charities listed are worthwhile, but I know a great, yet small one: This is the International Disaster Emergency Service (I think that's the name) and they're a Christian organization that works through Christian and Church of Christ churches to give disaster relief all over the world. They're working right now to help out those affected by Katrina, and if you want to make a donation, go to their website for contact information. Your money donated here will not only provide physical relief, but spiritual relief as well. And I think they really need both kinds of relief.



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