Saturday, December 13, 2008

What A Week!

Let's start with Monday. The kids didn't have school, so Carl took the day off to do some things around the house. I screwed up his plans by having truck trouble. Then the weather got nasty. However, Carl and I still went to my company's Christmas party. The main roads were fine going home, but the two-lane road that leads to Atkins was a sheet of ice. So was the street in front of the house. Fortunately Carl is a good driver and kept us out of the ditch.

That brings us to Tuesday. School was cancelled and I stayed home with the girls. With the weather, my truck problems and a recent adjustment made to Mary's pump, we figured it would be better if I stayed put. But - if life gives you snow days, bake cookies! Hannah helped me, and we made Hilda's sugar cookies, chocolate crackles, seven layer cookies, and lebkuchen. Carl paid me the ultimate compliment: he said my lebkuchen was just as good as my Mom's!

Wednesday the girls had a two hour delayed start to school. Carl covered that, and I went to work...very carefully. He and I had traded vehicles for the week so he could observe mine, so I was quite cautious with Carl's pickup, especially on the railroad overpass. I almost wrecked his truck last year on that bridge, so I'm really leery of it. But all went well which bring us to...

Thursday. All was well until I got home. I hurried to put dinner on the table, then Carl and Hannah took off for Van Horne. Hannah had a concert at a cathedral that night, and Carl went along and taped it because I couldn't go. I was obligated to help with setup at the Legion for the ACC Christmas party, and Mary had Girl Scouts, so Boo and I stayed in town. However, I wish I had gone with Carl and Hannah, because Mr. Hayden (the high school choir director) invited audience members to join the Concert Choir in singing Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, a song I dearly love to sing. Mr. Hayden said he wants to make this a tradition, and I hope he does because I want to sing with them next year. But I got super stressed out, trying to get everyone fed and out the door, plus Carl wasn't feeling good so he laid down for a little bit, and with trying to get Mary's carbs added up and her pump going and so on and so on, I got overwhelmed and started stuttering. That happens sometimes, when I get a brain overload. My speech center shuts down and talking becomes difficult. It got better as the night went on, but apparently the stress chemicals in my brain didn't dissipate completely which takes us to...

Friday. This was the first night of our congregation's Living Nativity, and I had to get the girls up to the church and get them fed (some ladies bring in dinner) and because there were problems with the setup outside Carl couldn't come in and help me, so I was working with Mary when I was needed to help put costumes on people, and I went into overload again. Fortunately the girls were able to help me by finishing sentences I couldn't quite get out (they've done this before) so by the end of the evening I wasn't stuttering nearly as bad as I had been. The Living Nativity continues tonight, which brings us to...

Saturday. I had signed up to help at the high school with the Madrigal Dinner setup, so Carl took the girls to the ACC Christmas party and I went to Van Horne. I had a blast!! They needed someone to make the table-tents that mark who sits where, and I ended up doing that. I had some help (thanks Abbey and Kelsey!) and they turned out pretty nice. However, next year I plan to take our laptop computer and portable printer and make the table-tent cards using Power Point. Much easier, neater and faster. After I finished with the cards I did various other odd jobs, then left after I retrieved my tools. I had taken my tool kit into the school with me, and my screwdrivers and pliers managed to migrate around the room to wherever they were needed. But when I left I stopped at the convenience store and got a Diet Mountain Dew, and it had a Buy One Get One Free cap, so that just topped off a great day. Tonight we go back to the church building and do the Living Nativity again, then of course tomorrow is worship service, after which we'll go home and try and catch up on chores. Busy, busier, busiest.

I love my life!!


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