Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You!

WARNING!! If you are a USC fan, do NOT read the first paragraph of this blog. It will not help your mood any, and as I'd like to keep all of my friendships intact, I'm telling you now not to read the first paragraph. I mean, the first paragraph after this paragraph.

OK - this is the first paragraph. USC fans - you have been warned. THE TEXAS LONGHORNS ARE THE NCAA NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS!!! YEEHAW!!! It's about time someone stuck a hole in USC's balloon, and who better to poke a hole than a Texas Longhorn! I hope all the idiots who voted Reggie Bush for Heisman are overwhelmingly embarrassed. The Texas defense shut him down. If it wasn't for LenDale White, USC wouldn't have had any rushing game at all. (Last night, every time they said "LenDale White" I kept expecting to hear "Lindale Mall". Go figure.) Anyway. It's a shame that the one Texas touchdown came as a result of really, really bad officiating. (HEY!! You guys in the replay booth! Wake up!) But I'm sure that Texas would've scored on that drive anyway, so its water over the dam now. But wasn't the fourth quarter great? I had to bandage my fingertips before I went to bed because I'd chewed my nails down to nothing. Carl and I had been watching the game downstairs, but he got tired so we went to bed and I watched the end of the game there. I don't know how Carl managed to doze off with me pounding on the mattress and screaming (softly screaming so as not to wake the girls) but he did. I wonder if my cousin Curt was going as nutso as I was. He lives in Texas and at least one of his stepsons went to school at Austin. I also wonder about Carl's brother Steve, who lives in Texas as well. But I'm not sure if Steve follows college football. He's more of a NFL type guy. I think.

USC fans: it's safe now. Still on the subject of football, sort of: wasn't Keith Jackson great as commentator in the booth last night? I'm glad he changed his mind about retirement. He's probably the best college football broadcaster on TV. And I like the way he says "Times out" instead of "Time outs". What a class act, Keith Jackson.

And now, for a cat update: Aya is fine, and is currently seated on my lap. The front end of his body is draped across my left arm, making typing difficult, but I'm managing. (obviously) He's not at all intimidated by Judah. In fact, Aya will sit in front of the French doors staring out into the backyard, and when Judah comes up, Aya just growls and slaps the door with his paw. He doesn't run. And when I open the back door a crack to give Judah a treat, Aya's right there, watching. Aya likes to go out on the front porch, and I've got his leash and harness all set up to accomodate him. I only wish the weather would be more accomodating. The cat won't stay out long when its misting and cold.

Speaking of the weather, accoring to a local meteorologist, we haven't had a sunny day since December 23rd. That's almost three weeks that it's been gloomy, hazy, foggy and mild. The temperatures have hovered between 32 and 40 degrees, and while this isn't bad, I'd like to see some sun. The snow's mostly melted, too, so if we did get some sun and a mild breeze we might actually hit 50 degrees. That would be nice! Especially for January. I could take Moose Mutt for a loooong walk. Maybe we'll go to Texas!

After all, I still have two times out left.


Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

I don't know how Carl managed to doze off with me pounding on the mattress and screaming (softly screaming so as not to wake the girls) but he did.

Aunt N: congratulations! I know exactly how you feel. For me it was game 4 of the 1996 World Series, when Jim Leyritz hit the home run to tie the game against Atlanta. It was incredibly hard to scream without making a sound (as Jackie was sleeping) but I managed it.

9:26 AM  

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